Just seven days after an idea was hatched on a napkin, the Falmouth Rotary Club (and friends!)pulled of a highly successful fundraiser to aid families in earthquake ravaged Haiti.
In short, it was an incredible event. This is just the first of several stories that will appear about this extraordinary event, but here is a quick synopsis. Jack Rosenbaum sent an e-mail to Troy Clarkson and Amy DellaPosta on Monday morning. By noon, the project was in full speed. Permits that normally take weeks or months to obtain were in hand, volunteers were stepping forward, and as Jack simply stated: "It looks like we have an event." A minor disaster with the tent was avoided when Bill Kerfoot, John Vidal and several other volunteers were able to get it set up, but other than that, the impromptu event was a huge. success. Over $6,000 was raised to send shelter boxes to Haiti, the Falmouth Rotary Club showed its real strength by great club participation, and the community-at-large had an opportunity to see "Rotary in Action." There are a lot of stories to tell (i.e. Amy DellaPosta, Matt Anderson and their band of merry campers sleeping out in 17 degree temperatures, a surprise visit from the Dirtrict Governor and his wife, Troy Clarkson's man-in-the-street interviews) but it's late Sunday night and this writer is out of gas. On behalf of the families who will soon have shelter in Haiti, "Thanks to all."