The RI Credit Card is one more way that Rotarians can provide benefits for The Rotary Foundation.
Since the program was launched in September of 2000, tens of thousands of Rotarians and their spouses have applied for the Rotary International credit card. To date, The Rotary Foundation has received US$5 million from the program including $1 million to support the polio eradication fundraising campaign (PEFC).

The Rotary credit card is offered as a an American Express® branded card is also offered in the United States. (Please call 1-877-805-8694 to apply for the American Express Card.)

The growth of this program during the past year has been instrumental in creating an annuity for The Rotary Foundation that will continue to grow, as more members become cardholders.

What are the benefits to Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation when members use the card? To find out more click here.