Eight Falmouth Rotarians ventured to Boston on April 25 to visit the Massachusetts Statehouse.  We were hosted by Representative David Vieira and Kathy Palmer, his legislative aide.  What a wonderful and educational journey we had!

The statehouse is a working museum and is open for tours throughout the year.  We were able to tour both chambers and even had our picture taken on the dais in the senate chamber.  Check out the photo album to see how comfortable and natural Jim Tow looks in one of the seats. 


Representative Vieira provided us with a great deal of historical information including the fact that the statehouse sits on land that was once a farm owned by John Hancock that he donated for the building.  There are columns in the building made from trees growing on the land.  Also, the house chamber is graced with the “holy cod” while the senate chamber has the “holy mackerel”.



In the senate chamber, the booklets that contain the business for the day are tied with red ribbon.  This comes from a practice in parliament and when laws or acts are passed it’s called “cutting the red tape”. Signifying that the statehouse is a house of the people the top of the gold dome is capped with a pine cone rather than a crown to show the importance of the lumber industry to the commonwealth.  We were given a guided tour and told about the murals, the Doric Room, Memorial Hall, the flag collections, and much more.  A tour is highly recommended.


A highlight of the day was being invited into the offices of Senate President Therese Murray, having her describe the architecture and restoration and showing us the view from her balcony.  We were also joined by Representative Tim Madden who also shared anecdotes and information about his experiences.  This was truly a memorable day.