This issue of the Foghorn is a 'twofer' - a 2-in-1 double issue covering the past two meetings because quite frankly I just haven't gotten to it until now; however, it's not for lack of intent!  So, my notion is that there's a lot of everything going on out there on our little piece of sandbar...time to take a deep breath and slow down to enjoy the Holidays. That being said, read on...
V.R. & G:
November 29th's guests were prospective members Betheny Dever, Larry Holmes and Billy Sullivan (Eileen's newly-retired hubby), plus our guest speakers.
December 6th's guests include the same as above with Larry Holmes henceforth being a full-fledged member!                  
            - Rudy H was not in attendance as he is caring for his wife, Eve. We wish her a speedy recovery.
            - Holiday Appeal – is nearly complete; sell, sell, sell! Come on out for the Holiday Reception Event Saturday, 12/10 around Noon at the Holiday Inn (Thank you Larry Holmes).  At that time we will turn in any and all tickets and also draw the winners.  Look sharp - I hear there will be press and paparazzi present!
            - Speaking of the Holiday Inn, there's a cracker-jack of a comedy show this Friday, 12/9! (No, Adrienne is not performing, but it'll still be a pretty great show!)
            - If you haven't heard by now, the Falmouth Football Team defeated Marblehead and clinched the championship! Way to go! I'm sure their banquet was extra special after that victory!
          Program: 11/29 - Rachel Rhude from Maya Childcare graciously accepted a $500 philanthropic donation presented by Will Barrett. Rachel shared with us the important works of Maya 
Childcare to improve the lives of children living in poverty in Guatemala. It was founded in Massachusetts in June 2011. The directors all volunteer their time and cover the administrative costs of the organization themselves, so that every donation received goes directly to supporting the Acorn Childcare Center in Guatemala.  

Nearly 3/4 of the population of Guatemala lives in poverty, with 1/5 living in extreme poverty. Nearly 1/2 of Guatemala’s children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition.

The first 5 years of children’s lives are of vital importance. The way that their brains develop during this time will shape the way that they live, their health, their learning, their relationships, and their happiness throughout the rest of their lives. Poverty, poor nutrition, and neglect can greatly damage healthy growth and brain development. The care and support offered to young children and their families at the Acorn Childcare Center can make a profound and lasting difference.

Presentation 11/29:
Retirement and Estate Planning Considerations were presented by Jennifer Bouthillier, Jonathan Kelly and Karen Matland of Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank.  Jonathan offered his three key points of focus for retirement: 1. determine what your retirement spending will be, 2. calculate how much income you will have in retirement, and 3. ask yourself if your savings will be enough. 
Program: 12/6
Induction Ceremony:
The right honorable Jim Tow presided over the induction ceremony of Larry Holmes. As a Rotarian, one is welcomed around the world by other like-minded people who live by the Four Way Test. Congratulations and welcome, Larry!
Presentation: Rotarian Bob Mascoli  - Building an inclusive culture for people with differing abilities.
Next Week:  December 13th is our Holiday Gathering. Check your mailboxes for your official invitation and be sure to RSVP!
Respectfully submitted by Adrienne Baumann