Join us in welcoming new Member and Rotarian: Angela Ackerman!




Prez Will jumped right to the long awaited, much anticipated, induction of Angela Ackerman! Will thanked Steve C and his crack membership committee for a great year in membership – thanks Steve for a job well done.  We are really glad to have Angela as a member at last.  Jim T did the honors as the inductor and Amy D was Angela’s sponsor.  Jim spoke well of the honor and privilege it was for the Club have Angela as a member and the corresponding obligations she had to participate and share her knowledge and enthusiasm with the club.  Amy introduced Angela by sharing that they met in 2008 and later discovered that they were cousins (third cousins, once removed).  Angela holds several degrees and has worked in finance, retail, and marketing.  She has her own business of IParent. Angela’s son did RYLA with the Hyannis club and is doing Habitat for Humanity this summer.  We’re looking forward to Angela’s contributions.