Outdoor Learning Project Overview
We will be using the proceeds to finish the innovative Nature Trail Program at all seven schools and enhance it through a partnership with the local Wampanoag Tribe and Falmouth Public Library. We will also be using proceeds ensure the trails are accessible for all students and to enhance outdoor learning at various schools thru enhanced dedicated spaces like a new greenhouse at Lawrence School and enhanced outdoor spaces at the elementary schools.
Previous areas of the Outdoor Learning Project:
  1. National and International Recognition of Project
  2. Outdoor learning tents at all schools
  3. 2000+ volunteer hours
  4. Picnic tables
  5. Garden volunteer/cleanup days
  6. Lesson/Teacher of the Month Recognition
  7. Professional Development for outdoor learning with Green Schoolyard Project
  8. Outdoor Learning carts at all four elementary schools
  9. And so much more!
Learn more: https://www.falmouthoutdoorlearningproject.com/