Nepal Project Overview
We will be using the proceeds for a solar power installation on the roof of a hostel in a remote village in Nepal.  At that hostel, we teach over zoom to at-risk girls who might otherwise be trafficked to brothels in India, or forced into child marriage.  (75% of the girls in these villages are uneducated and have those fates).  The solar power and battery backup will enable the zoom classes to continue even when there are power outages which occur regularly.  The program in Nepal was started by a survivor of the Kolkata brothels (who has presented at our Rotary club).  She was trafficked at age 11 but rescued after 3 years of hell and got an education with the help of an NGO called Her Future Coalition.  She pursued her dream to start a school to "stand in the way" of other girls having the same fate.  Any leftover funds will be donated to the construction of a new hostel which will expand the number of girls who can be housed and educated to prevent trafficking.
Previous anti-trafficking projects of Falmouth Rotary Club of Cape Cod
1.  Established a library in Nuwakot at the Hasta Freedom School and hostel. (RAGAS grant and FPL book drive)
2.  Founded a teaching program for teens and little children from the hostel, and teachers at the Hasta Freedom School. (6 classes/week)
3.  Contributed to the kitchen and bedroom furnishings at the new hostel.
4.  Bought laptops for the hostel students for typing and spreadsheet learning.
5.  Established a pen pal program for the teens at the hostel.
6.  Furnished a tutoring room (chairs, tables, laptops) at the Sonagachi Learning Center (in a red light district of Kolkata).
7.  Ongoing program to sell jewelry made by Survivors of the Kolkata brothels.
8.  Ongoing sale of books to support programs of Her Future Coalition (an NGO which supports dozens of schools and shelters for at-risk girls and survivors)
This includes an international cookbook and Standing in the Way, From Trafficking Victim to Human Rights Activist.
9.  Presentations at other Rotary clubs in district 7950.
10.  Participation in the work of RAGAS (Rotary Action Group Against Slavery) and RCEHT (Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking)