Falmouth Road Race Team
This year Rotary Club of Falmouth has a team of 5 runners running the 51st running of the Falmouth Road Race. Our team has committed to raising a minimum of $750 per runner. Each runner is running for their own personal choice of the Falmouth's Rotary Club's areas of focus with current projects we have. All donations are tax deductible and will go to help contribute and support towards either our Nepal Trafficking Project (International focus) or the Falmouth Outdoor Learning Project (Local Youth Focus). 
Our 5 Runners include: Sarah Lapp, Heather Hogue, Sara Giguere, Andrew Arki, and Caleb Giguere
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Sarah Lapp from Milwaukee, WI.  - Running to Support: Nepal Project-International Focus
Goal: $750   Raised: $760
Sarah's Bio
My earliest memory of running was waking up early to run with my dad.  I am sure this event happened only a handful of times, 5am was early for an eight year old, but I remember being so excited to go run, just like my dad.  Twenty-nine years and five marathons later, I’m still running. And now I get the opportunity to run in the iconic Falmouth Road Race with not only my dad, but my sister too.  Running is a family thing.
I am excited to participate in this year's race, coming from Milwaukee where I taught middle school  for seven years.  Now a mother of two, I have some extra company on my runs.  After leaving the classroom, I have continued to coach middle school Cross Country and Track.  It is rewarding to coach early adolescent students to challenge themselves, learn the lessons of wins and losses. So being part of a team to raise money for such an important cause makes this all the more exciting.
It means a lot to me to run in this year’s race as my family and I run in honor of my grandfather, James Harris, who started running in 1976, and never stopped.  He ran over 22 marathons, including Boston three times, while inspiring all of us. This is the first race we will all run together.   
Heather Hogue from East Falmouth, MA  - Running to Support: Outdoor Learning-Youth Focus
Goal: $750   Raised: $750.00
If my younger self was to meet me in the present day, I think she would be rather surprised by the the amount of time I have devoted to pounding the pavement in the past six years. My desire to run began after giving birth to my daughter Isla and my intention was to commemorate “mommyhood” by running my first Falmouth Road Race in 2017. Sadly in May those aspirations were cut short when I experienced a double pulmonary embolism a month after giving birth, which was a result of complications from an unplanned C-Section and being undiagnosed with Factor V Leiden. In the months that followed I endeavored myself to begin the process of training in the hopes that by the August of 2018 I would be running down Surf Drive as a participant in the Falmouth Road Race. Nothing made me happier and more proud then crossing the finish line that year and seeing my husband and daughter waiting to greet me at the end. As a social studies teacher at Bourne High School and parent of a rising first grader at North Falmouth Elementary, I am a strong proponent of providing all students with a variety of educational opportunities and giving them access to different instructional environments to enhance their learning; one of which is the outdoor learning classrooms throughout Falmouth Public Schools funded by The Falmouth Rotary Club. I am hoping that through my fundraising efforts in support of The Rotary Club it will continue to provide them with the ability to give the students of Falmouth a means to explore the outdoors and provide them with hands on learning experiences with nature. I am excited to run in this year’s road race and to be able to focus my efforts in helping an organization that provides an invaluable resource to the children of Falmouth Public Schools. In the years prior I have run as a celebration of my health and progress since 2017, however I am channeling that energy and drive by fundraising and running in the hopes of raising funds to give back to the community that has given me and my family so much and I am proud to call home.
Sara & Caleb Giguere from East Falmouth, MA  - Running to Support: Outdoor Learning-Youth Focus
Goal: $1500   Raised: $910

This year my husband and I are running the 51st Falmouth Road Race and we have the opportunity to raise money for Falmouth’s Outdoor Learning Project! We are trying to raise a combined minimum of $1,500. Last year we raised over $2,000 together for Rotary Outdoor Learning Project!

During the pandemic, Falmouth Public School volunteers created Outdoor Learning options at each school. We're endeavoring to raise funds for the Outdoor Learning Project to support our schools in outdoor learning, whether it's going on a nature walk, gardening, observing the weather and more. This will support the kids in the Falmouth Public Schools - outdoor learning boosts mental health, physical health, gives kids natural stimulation, helps them to better regulate, can improve academic progress and more.

As a woman and a mom to 4 kids, getting outside is incredibly important. When I'm outside swimming, running, walking, I'm happier. When my kids are outside they're exploring, learning, feeling, creating, and when they play outside, they come in ready for a rest.

From Caleb:

So, I have always enjoyed the outdoors and have always tried to be active however, I would not consider myself a runner. Like most people I picked up a hobby or two during COVID, trail running. Turns out my appreciation for all things outdoors was slightly greater than my lack of appreciation for running, and running on the trials where I had mountain biked (once upon a time) is exhilarating! Plus, it is supposed to be good for me. 

These days most of my running is on trails but occasionally I will run on a paved surface for a worthy cause. This is such a cause. The money I am raising is for the Falmouth Outdoor Learning Project. Consistent with my own values and convictions, this committee will be giving the money raised to schools in Falmouth to help educators and administrators get students in Falmouth Public Schools outdoors a little more.

Andrew Arki from Falmouth, MA  - Running to Support: Outdoor Learning-Youth Focus
Goal: $750   Raised: $547
Name: Andrew Arki
Born:48 years old, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Residence: Falmouth since 2003
Occupation: High School Health Teacher (Bourne HS) Coach (Bourne High School): Boys Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Tennis, Assistant Boys Hockey
I woke up one morning at the age of 40 and thought to myself, “I need a new challenge in my life that will push me to my physical and emotional limits.” So I decided to train for my first ever “Falmouth Sprint Triathlon”. Although I struggled in the swim portion of the event (almost drowned), I immediately fell in love with competitive running and cycling which became my new hobby. Naturally, I began adding new events to my racing calendar and after 12 months of hard work, I competed in the 2016 Duathlon National Championships in Bend, Oregon, where I placed 15th in my age division (163rd overall). For the past seven years, my love for running has continued to grow, and after participating in dozens of races around the world, (including 3 marathons, a few 24 hour adventure races and a 50 mile ultra) I feel like it’s time for me to give back to the amazing community of Falmouth that I have called my home since 2003, and run for a cause. Being a High School Health Teacher and a huge proponent for the advancement of unique educational opportunities for youth, I am honored to run extra hard this summer to support the Falmouth Rotary Club,