Congratulations to Maria Urbina and kudos for all your wonderful accomplishments.
Wade C stood in for Walt P and introduced our student of the week, Maria Urbina, who was accompanied by her mother, Dami. Wade read the outstanding list of accomplishments that Maria has to date. She won a prestigious scholarship for her essay and has a 3.52 GPA, as well as being on the honor roll every term since she got to the High School. Maria is a musician, playing the cello and euphonium. For work she babysits and is working at Shuckers. She is the Captain of the Cheerleading Team, performs in the chorus and band, and plays soccer and track and field.

Maria gave a gracious thank you, even though it hadn't been mentioned that there would be the opportunity to say a few words. She was glad to be "that person" whose picture would be in the paper. Having met us, she liked what Rotary does. Maria was presented with our Youth Merit Award and a gift certificate from Six (used to be Eight) Cousins. Thank you for visiting with us and best wishes for your bright future.

(Thanks to Rich Edes - comments from the Foghorn of 7/26)